Seek Guidance When Your Life Seems Off-Kilter

Meet with a spiritualist who understands your struggles

You may encounter many bumps on the road of life, but working with a spiritualist can help you ease how hard each bump feels. DBC Spiritual Advisors in Atlanta, GA is led by Darren BuCare. Darren is an MBCT therapist, certified life coach and Ayurvedic palmistry expert. He is also a tarot educator and reader, an interactive medium, past life regressionist and spiritual consultant and worker.

Contact him today to start gaining insight into your life.

What kind of guidance does Darren offer?

Your spiritual life and health are the top concerns of our spiritualist, so he takes a variety of different approaches to help better serve those in need of guidance. Darren offers:

  • Past life regression to give insight into past experiences
  • Spiritual healing to help the body and mind
  • Cord cutting to release toxic attachments

He also practices Ayurvedic palm reading, one of the oldest forms of divination. Call 770-485-8035 now to arrange a meeting with our spiritualist.

Darren's professional history

With a rich history as a consultant and spiritualist, trusting Darren BuClare is easy. He has been a featured guest, speaker and consultant on:

  • CNN
  • Becoming
  • Ghost Hunters
  • The Ellen Show
  • Bayou Billionaires
  • Monday Night RAW
  • Scariest Places on Earth

He also served as one of the well-known readers at Marie Laveau's House Of Voodoo for 20 years. For more information on Darren BuClare, reach out to him today.