Client Review

Success Stories

"My favorite reader Darren Bucare is one of the coolest psychics around. He always has knowledge to impart and his laugh is completely ridiculous! :)If you want a good reading and some awesome spiritual products, come by this spot!"
-Shane W. North Hollywood LA

"Darren is a very talented medium. Currently he is teaching me how to best utilize my psychic abilities and guiding me through "psychic-self-protection" techniques. Additionally, He was able to remove some very negative energies from my home. Previous attempts from other practitioners had not accomplished the level of remediation that Darren provided. Thank you Darren"
-Susan Forth

"Had a complicated issue and Darren was able to take it apart and help me sort out what I needed to do. He didn't make my decisions, but his insights helped me see what steps came next in order to get out of a business situation that was going nowhere. Because of his accurate reading on two of the parties involved, I was able to go into the next round of negotiations with detachment, which gave me more power than the other party, and was able to gain the upper hand and stop getting screwed around.

Absolutely worth the money. The insight was invaluable and the service was excellent. Would come back if I needed another reading."
-Ande Spenser

"Wow! I wasn't expecting the rapid level of transformation Darren has assisted me to achieve.I've been working with him regularly for a year now, and he's guided me in all the major aspects of my life-from parenting, to work, to my social life-and more.Darren is a no nonsense, straight-to-the-point, heavy hitter in helping me change the parts of my life that are not working for me.

He has inspired confidence in me, especially in areas where I had pretty much given up hope of improving. He's thorough, methodical, and results driven. I feel extremely lucky to have his support."

"I know this sounds cliche but it is the TRUTH nonetheless. Darren Bucare IS the real deal - An extremely gifted medium who helped me with a difficult, painfully complex family matter, the outcome of which was far better than I imagined! I recently had a reading and was once again completely blown away with his accuracy! Darren is a compassionate, straight shooter! The things said to me during my reading were things he could never known if not for his direct connection to my guardian angels and his spirit guide! Darren is the most authentic spiritual advisor I have EVER met! My most favorite thing about him is his willingness to SHARE his gift with others, plus he has an uncanny ability to make me laugh especially during some of the most difficult times. Darren, you are an angel and I thank God for connecting us!! I am a lifelong student!! God Bless!!"

Darren helped me with a cleansing. Before I saw him I had no idea what was wrong with me. He was able to get to the root of the problem. He knew things that were accurate about me. He did an amazing job with the cleansing process. I feel 100%better since my last 2 sessions with him. I will see him in the future when I need some advice. He is a one of a kind. He is an all over person that you can trust and he is honest. I highly recommend him.